All About CRYING 

This PA Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics  handout  in English and Spanish  lists tips to help calm a crying baby. It has been widely distributed to parents of newborns through hospitals, family and pediatric practices, the PA Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program and organizations that work with high risk populations. 

Because infant crying
can be a trigger for
child abuse.


The Help

is the perfect
way to share
the message that it’s okay for
all parents to ask for and accept help.


The "help" handout has just enough helpful tips and suggestions to assure parents that they are not the only one seeking answers. It also provides guidance for those who are concerned about the health and safety of other children. Available in both English and Spanish, "help" handouts have been shared by police departments, social service agencies and various community organizations throughout the state.

This handout provides tips and resources for adults in providing safe environments for children so sexual abuse can be prevented. 


Everyone plays a

role in protecting

children and this

is especially true

in the prevention

of child sexual